Back-to-School Sale in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The beginning of a new school year is often marked with super-excitement as this is the start of a new session. It's school time again, and we've gathered all the essential school items from across Wadi in one place. Our Back-to-school store is the best place to score great deals on school supplies. Whether the student is starting elementary school, has moved up to middle school, or is an existing high school student, let us help you pick the best school essentials at prices you won't get anywhere else. Not only have we rounded up all types of student essentials, be it smartphones, laptops, iPads, or MacBooks, under one roof but we've also got exciting offers to cater to every student's needs in the Middle East. So, folks, get ready for the biggest back-to-school sale in United Arab Emirates (UAE) .

Students are preparing for a new university life and a fresh new makeover for the first day at the school. And parents want to ensure that their kids have a great start to their school year. There are also many families coming back from holidays and getting ready to start afresh after a hiatus. Considering all this, one can make the most out of back-to-school sale in United Arab Emirates (UAE) . From writing accessories to computer accessories to footwear and clothing, you'll be able to find all essential back-to-school supplies at an unbeatable price.

Latest Back-to-School Trends 2017

Parent alert! Whether these upcoming stars need some stylish outfits, coolest backpacks, school shoes, among others, make sure you provide them with the latest trends from Wadi's exclusive selection of products.

Back-to-School Clothing: Graphic T-shirts never go out of style and become every student's first choice. From quirky designs to funny quotes, these tees say it all.

Back-to-School Sneakers: Every step they take brings them closer to their dreams. That's why, you'll find the latest, on-trend sneakers, skate and athletic shoes from top brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, etc.

Back-to-School Perfumes and Colognes: What is the best fragrance for college students? Well, there isn't an absolute answer as it depends on personal preference. However, you can find the top selling perfumes for him and her at our back-to-school sale in United Arab Emirates (UAE) .

Back-to-School Grooming Essentials: Personal hygiene is a vital part of personality and students believe that beauty essentials and grooming products always come in handy. Wadi online store is an ideal place to buy grooming essentials online at discounted prices.

Back-to-School Backpacks: Students have a good aesthetic sense when it comes to selecting school bags. They love the graphic prints and bold colours and often seem to prefer style over function in selecting backpacks, handbags, and other school essentials.

Back-to-School Gadgets: Today's tech-focused students can't imagine a life without gizmos, be it the latest Apple iPhones paired with smart wearable devices or the most advanced gaming consoles. They enjoy listening to music on-the-go with Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones.

Dear Shoppers, don't miss out on our back-to-school sale in United Arab Emirates (UAE) . The bell will be ringing again soon- make sure your child gets geared up for school.

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