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Buy Abayas Online in United Arab Emirates (UAE) at Wadi

Women from an Islamic background understand the importance of Abaya. It's an essential element of Islam. Most Emirati women have a penchant for the ‘Abaya,' which is the typical female black robe that is seen all over the Middle East. The Abaya has become a cultural phenomenon in countries that form the GCC. However, wearing the Abaya is not limited to this region, but it's also popular in many North African countries like Morocco. Based on the geography and cultural preference, the fabric, colour and design of Abaya may differ, but its ubiquitous essence defines solidarity. If you want to buy Abayas online in United Arab Emirates (UAE) , you can do that by shopping at Wadi store.

In the Gulf countries, wearing the Abaya has been equated with the feeling of a celebration of modesty, purity, and protection from the hot desert environment. It was only after the popularity of Abaya in the Middle East that people realised its importance in this demography. This loose garment helped women protect their clothes from the harsh sun rays and sand blown around. One of the major questions that sparked curiosity amongst many is "why is the Abaya mostly black?" And, the answer is because black is an elegant and discreet colour. While the black colour is perceived to be the heat-absorbing colour, but it filters UV rays. This simple over-garment has elevated the outer beauty of the modern woman to the next level. We offer a plethora of choices if you want to buy abayas online at Wadi.

We have showcased a wide range of abayas and hijabs that have been sorted according to your requirements and needs. With such a diverse variety, it will become very easy to find the desired product that you have been looking for in this world of online shopping. Find beautiful designs that follow the vintage style blended with modernity. From designer abayas to basic ones, browse all kinds of abayas here. Choose your favourite product from this vast range if you want to buy abayas online. If you have been looking for basic styles and designs, look no further. Plain Abayas in solid colours are also available here.

Along with the basic Abayas, you can opt for sombre colours like beige or grey for formal occasions. Bold colours like blue, red, and green are perfect for regular wear. These products are available in various materials. Pick a silk abaya for its lustre and beauty. A cotton abaya provides a matte lustre and is comfortable to wear during the humid climate. Designer Abayas are a rage nowadays. You will find many designer collections here. Here, you can either choose an embroidered one with an intricate design or Abaya with various artworks and stone embellishments to amp up the style game. Shop for brands like Zahra, Beyond Modest Islamic Clothing, Fleur, and others at best prices. Shop at Wadi if you want to buy Abayas online in United Arab Emirates (UAE) .

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