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Buy Davidoff Perfumes online in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Buy Davidoff perfumes online at Wadi

Brands are nothing but a reflection of your inner potential, your way to contribute something for the world. An immigrant’s son, Zino Davidoff believed the same throughout his life and did something spectacular that redefined the existing notions of beauty and elegance. Born in Geneva Switzerland, he was the son of a leading tobacco merchant. Right from a tender age, he started to learn to excel his father’s trade and afterward, became the epitome of luxury cigars. His insignia glorified every cigar humidor and various Cuban cigar brands. In 1970, Max Oettinger’s took over the business and appointed Davidoff as the brand ambassador.

Although 80% of Oettinger revenue came from tobacco and smokers’ accessories, yet 20% of the revenue was generated from the writing products, cognacs, luxury fashion goods and fragrances. Max Oettinger realised that Davidoff’s branding could do wonders for his business. So he thought of incorporating Davidoff brand identity into his business. This thought resulted in the inception of the first Davidoff fragrance, Davidoff, which was launched in 1984, well justifying the brand’s philosophy of “the good life."

The Davidoff range of perfumes and colognes are undoubtedly the purest forms of scents, embellishing the aura of the person wearing it. In 1988, the Cool water cologne was launched which is known to be the best selling men’s fragrance. Later on, Cool Water Perfume was released in 1996. There is a huge variety of Davidoff perfumes available on Wadi. Shopping on Wadi is pure bliss. You don’t have to run to and fro through shopping squares, in fact, you can just buy Davidoff perfumes online. Just go to the website or check the mobile app, and order whatever you like.

In United Arab Emirates (UAE), people adore fragrances that are pure and complete in every sense. Davidoff fragrances have consistent fans all around the Middle East, who never fail to acknowledge the notes of these fragrances. Wadi ensures to deliver their shoppers an unmatched shopping experience, and people would find it more appealing to buy Davidoff perfumes online in United Arab Emirates (UAE) , rather than searching it for hours in the shopping malls for a product. Exclusive fragrances for men and women are available, perfectly designed to their attributes. Fragrances for men include Leather Blend, Cool Water Night Dive, The Game Intense, Champion Energy, Hot Water, Adventure, and Silver Shadow, and these fragrances are available for women:Sensual Essence, Cool Water Woman Night Dive, and Cool Water Sea Rose.

Just log in to your Wadi account to buy Davidoff perfumes online; wearing such kind of fragrances make you feel fresh and fragrant throughout the day. We are sure that you don't want to skip such exquisite range of Davidoff fragrances for men and women. Enjoy the best experience of shopping in the Middle East. All you have to do is to follow some easy steps. Buy Davidoff perfumes online in United Arab Emirates (UAE)by adding desired items to the cart and choosing the best mode of payment. Within a stipulated time, the requested product will reach your doorsteps. Get everything you need in a safe, simple, and convenient way.

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