Discover the latest in world-class fragrances for both men and women at Wadi. Explore an extensive selection of Men's perfumes, Women's perfumes, and Arabian perfumes from the leading brands and explore signature scents, gift combos and exclusives.


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Buy Fragrances Online in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

People are so sensitive when it comes to fragrances because how else how would you accentuate your charm in a jiffy? Perfumes are always in and go well with every outfit. Carefully chosen scent elevates its wearer's beauty and speaks volumes about the wearer's personality. Perfume is mainly a mixture of aromatic essential oils or fragrant compounds, solvents, and fixatives. Wearing a perfume is like accessorising yourself because it can give us a fair idea of the wearer's liking and state of mind. In the personal and professional sphere, wearing a good smell helps a lot. If you want to feel and smell good throughout the day, we suggest that you buy fragrances online on Wadi- one of the biggest online shopping stores in the Middle East.

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Are you looking for a distinctive scent that sums you up perfectly or do you want to add something exquisite to your collection? Don't worry; Wadi is the best answer to your shopping woes. It has a broad range of fragrances for men, as well as fragrances for women. Browse the latest offerings from Wadi ‘s exclusive collection. Here, shopping is extremely simplified; allowing you to browse and buy fragrances online in United Arab Emirates (UAE) . Just like a magical note, a perfume contains three basic notes- the head, the heart and the base which help in identifying the origin or family of the perfume.

The similarities between wine and perfume run deep. Just like wine reveals its subtle flavour and gets better with time, the layers of fragrance unfold and open out. As vaporisation of the perfume starts, one could easily feel the appearance of all the three notes of perfume. At Wadi, you will find several types of fragrances. The Eau de Toilette scents use less percentage of fragrance oil and don't tend to last long whereas the Eau de Parfum scents last longer than the former as the concentration of oil is considerably higher.

It's easy to explore the widest assortment of international brands such as Calvin Klein, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Givenchy, etc. Perfumes play an important part in showcasing our best self! That's why, the scents that you choose must not cater only to your olfactory senses but others, also. If you want to buy fragrances online , you should know your personality to get the best of it. While some ardently stick to their signature scents, others choose to experiment with their preferences every time. The bestselling perfumes are now available at the best prices on Wadi. If you want to buy fragrances online in United Arab Emirates (UAE) , the time is ripe to avail better discounts, blowout sales, and various other shopping privileges.

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