Buy the latest gaming accessories at Get the most out of these excellent and comfortable gaming accompaniments whether it's a customised mouse or soft pads, controllers or elite headsets. Gear up your skills for pro- gaming or brush up on your gaming proficiency at home. Shop the latest range of Gaming Controllers, Gaming Headsets, Faceplate, Protectors & Skins, etc.

Buy Gaming Accessories Online in United Arab Emirates (UAE) at Wadi

Shop Online for the latest Gaming Accessories

Whether you are a hard-core gamer, or you simply love video games, gaming accessories can intensify the fun of playing games. At Wadi, you will find an exciting range of gaming accessories such as Headsets, Mouse & Pads, Controllers, Keyboards, Racing Wheels and lots of other products. For hard-core gaming and avid gamers, these accessories are indispensable. You can buy gaming accessories online from Wadi at reasonable prices and fantastic discounts.

Gaming accessories like Razer gaming keyboards have exclusive designs and dedicated keys that would help you play games hassle-free and without any inconvenience. The gaming keyboards have sets of macro definition keys. Some keyboards come with window lock key function and USB connectivity. A gaming mouse is a vital gadget that delivers super-fast tracking and high-speed clicking; making action-packed gaming a divine experience. A gaming mouse with programmable buttons allows you to customize its settings for a particular gaming experience. With its inbuilt advanced optical sensor, gaming becomes a lot more fun. Wadi, a Middle East-based online shopping destination, has compiled an exclusive collection of gaming essentials for the serious gamers out there. If you want to buy gaming accessories online in United Arab Emirates (UAE) , Wadi has covered all the gaming essentials to enhance your gaming experience.

Shop online for the latest gaming essentials such as gaming mouse or keyboard and avail massive discounts on every purchase. If you want to control gaming movements with precision and need perfect glide to enhance your gaming experience, browse through our collection of gaming mouse pads.

Gaming Headsets are a must for a passionate gamer. An immersive gameplay requires soft and comfortable circumaural headsets that offer superior noise isolation and sound so real. Most gaming headsets come in beautiful designs and captivating colors. These headphones deliver crisp and accurate audio output for all genres of entertainment such as online gaming, chatting, or listening to music.

Gaming Controllers are another essential accessory that comes in handy for home use. Among various Sony controllers, Dual Shock PS4 wireless controllers, with six -axis sensor (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer) and pressure sensors, transports the player directly into the game. Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller comes with many exciting features essential for an absolute gaming experience. It features impulse trigger function which provides fingertip vibration response, so you feel every bump and jolt larger than life. Similarly, there are various gaming controllers for PC PS2 /PS3 and Logitech being a pioneer in that. Another leading player that has redefined gaming experiences across several platforms is Razer. Razer came up with gaming-grade motion sensing controller for the PC and introduced Hyperesponse technology based buttons to a variety of customizable Xbox / PC Controllers. Buy gaming accessories online at Wadi and choose from the abovementioned gaming controllers to make gaming pleasurable and intensive.

Well, how would you sum up a perfect racing game experience? Certainly, you will never want to play racing games with a regular controller, so we have carefully assorted a collection of racing wheels to enhance your console experience. These steering wheels are designed to simulate a real racing type of environment and work perfectly well with your PC/PlayStation4/ PlayStation3 console. So gamers do not ever compromise on your passion and buy gaming accessories online in United Arab Emirates (UAE) from Wadi e-store.

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