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Givenchy Online Store in United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Hubert de Givenchy was a creative visionary who redefined art with fashion. Under his tutelage, in the year 1952, the French luxury fashion house Givenchy came into existence. His collections were an eclectic mix of artistic elements sourced from various inspirations and eventually redefined fashion industry. In 1969, this Paris-based fashion house came up with an exclusive men's line featuring tailored jackets and trousers. Today, Riccardo Tisci is at the forefront of keeping Givenchy's pioneering spirit alive by reinventing classic menswear, womenswear, accessory with modern forms, dark- gothic undertones and prominent iconography. Partake in the legacy, and you could do it simply by visiting Givenchy online store in United Arab Emirates (UAE) at Wadi.

From couturier Hubert to designer Riccardo, this brand has been consistent with its signature style, on-trend products and exceptional design regardless of time and location. Tisci came from a religious background. He showcased his sheer likings for baroque and gothic aesthetics by incorporating these art forms into every creation till date. His collection gracefully blends two different ideologies -Catholicism and Eroticism in his collections. The statement accessories have become quite a fad amongst the affluent customer base. You can also explore the impressive range of Givenchy products at Givenchy online store. So, what're you thinking about; just browse the entire range at Wadi.

The way Tisci has experimented with fashion makes one thing very clear that there's no dearth of the ways of expressing individuality using various elements of styles, colours, designs, and texture. He dared to go beyond the norms and helped this brand to grow by leaps and bounds. Famous for its styles that are an impression of dark romanticism and edgy design aesthetics, Givenchy menswear takes inspiration from sporty streetwear attuned with Parisian sophistication. The brand's sweatshirts and T-shirts are widely popular among masses. Givenchy online store in United Arab Emirates (UAE) caters to those discerning few who have a penchant for upscale fashion.

Discover some of Givenchy's beauty and health products that offer ultimate skincare and enhances your look, giving you an irresistible charm and infinite attraction. At Givenchy online store, you'll also find a vast array of fragrances for both men and women. These scents can powerfully stimulate the mind and trigger emotions in the beholder's mind.

The women's fragrance line actively represents femininity and boldness and provides a unique charm to the wearer.

Some noteworthy perfumes for women are as follows:

  • Amarige (1991)
  • Ysatis (1984)
  • Organza (1996)
  • Givenchy (2003)
  • Ange Ou Démon (2006)

The men's fragrance line represents sporty, adventurous and daring male persona.

Some enticing perfumes for men are as follows:

  • Monsieur de Givenchy Cologne (1959)
  • Givenchy Gentleman (1975)
  • Xeryus (1980)
  • Pi (1990)
  • Blue Label Cologne (2004)

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